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Mar 4, 2014 10:00am PST
british on board. remember, europe imports almost 30% of its national gas -- of its energy from russia, from russian natural gas. sometimes it goes even higher than that. so they are going to be very reluctant to do the kind of comprehensive sanctions which would deprive them of that energy. and as you point out, london's role as a financial center is dependent upon other things, russia's capital. i think we should push for as comprehensive sanctions as we can get. you're never going to get totally comprehensive sanctions, but they do exact a price. and what we're trying to do here, as i see it, what the united states is trying to do with many members of the international community, make russia pay some price, some significant price, isolate it, and send a signal that this is not how we want business to be conducted in the 21 s century. you're not going to be able to stop it in its tracks. you're not going to be able to send troops into crimea. but the fact that we can't get 100% leak proof sanctions doesn't mean we shouldn't try to raise the bar and exact some price. >> i would like y
Mar 6, 2014 10:00am PST
states and countries like germany and italy to some extent. they get their energy supplies from russia. they seem to be much softer on the theme of economic sanctions and so on. that's actually the reason why prime minister might be late for dinner because they're not finding an agreement -- >> actually, they did announce an agreement. >> okay. how do you see the attitude of european union? >> i think the european union has been complete partner thoroughly. complete and total communication. and sharing of information. and sharing of ideas. i do not believe there is a gap. there may be some differences of opinion about timing or about one particular choice versus another. that's not unusual when you have as many countries working together as we do. but fundamentally with respect to the question of what has happened and the need to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine, there is no difference whatsoever. with respect to the need to have some sanctions as a result of what has happened in crimea, there is no difference whatsoever. and europe on its own tonight has ma
Feb 27, 2014 10:00am PST
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Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)